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IPGO is a game to explain core Internet concepts, such as packet-switching, interconnection, routing, IP addresses, etc. Read more about this project here.

Shradha liked 6 months ago

Continuing the IPGO Journey (and a call-out for help)

Back in 2016, APNIC designed a cardgame to help non-technical audiences understand how the internet ecosystem works – but in an engaging and visual way. With COVID-19 putting a pause on physically-attended conferences and events, it is a good time... (More)

Anita updated 8 months ago

We need your help!

As you know, we are turning the IPGO cardgame to an online game! Our aim is to help non-technical people feel confident and inspired to get involved in Internet Governance.

Can you spare 10 minutes to fill out this survey... (More)

Jan liked 8 months ago
HinojosaAPNIC staff
Strategic Engagement Director at APNIC

IPGO intro...

To inspire the younger, non-technical audiences to become more engaged in APNIC, we are working to create a welcoming introduction to how the Internet works, through an online gaming experience which takes the original IPGO cardgame to the next level.... (More)