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User Feedback Group
User Feedback Group
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The User Feedback Group is an inclusive and collaborative program open to anyone who is interested in helping to improve APNIC’s products and services for the community.

Here you will find opportunities to contribute in different levels feedback from quick polls to five minute surveys as well as more in depth feedback including interviews.  Some opportunities also include an incentive or prize for your time.  

You can also post your suggestions for improvements at any time. More information on the group can also be found at:

Mohammad replied 5 months ago
Lily liked a reply 7 months ago
Sheikh Md Seum
Network Research Engineer

Email alert for post in a space.

Hi do you guys have the option to alert in the email if something is posted in a space? If not it would have been useful I think. Easy to be updated. 

Thank you.

Montse liked 9 months ago
Voted for Email APNIC

Too bad it's not possible to check two answers, as I would first read the website, then ask for help by email :-)

Lily replied 8 months ago
Pilot Feedback

We're looking for people to talk to us!

Hello everyone!

We are looking to chat with people who use the community platform to tell us about their experience.
If you’re interested, please pick a time in the booking link below!

What: a 20-min Zoom call

Why: Your... (More)